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Q: I am going to be mailing my employees’ W-2 to them. Do I need to put a stamp on it?
A: Yes, it does take one standard US Postal stamp

Q: Why does my employee have more than one W-2?
A: Your employee will have a copy to be filed with their income tax return, their copy, and if applicable a state copy.

Q: Do I need to keep a copy of my employee’s W-2?
A: Yes!

Q: What if my employees’ social security number is incorrect on their W-2?
A: Please inform our office immediately. If the records have been filed with the reporting agency, a W-2c will need to be filed.

Q: What if I think my employee’s W-2 is wrong?
A: Before calling us, please take in the following factors for consideration. Does your employee have a pre-tax medical plan or an IRA/401(k)? Did your employee work in more than one state? Did he/she claim tax exempt all year? Did he/she claim multiple dependents, but work few hours (causing less tax to be deducted from their check)?

Q: Where is my tax refund?
A: Please visit our links section and click the link to check the status of your refund directly on the IRS web page.

Q: How early do I need to call to get a tax appointment?
A: Schedules fill very fast, the earlier the better!

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